Find out and follow our inspiring creators – designers, musicians, visual artists and more.

The role of the artist is exactly the same of a lover whose role is to reveal the beloved to himself and, with that revelation, to make freedom real.

Like James Baldwin, we believe in the artist paving the way for others as an act of love.

The artist frees us and makes us conscious of things we don’t see.

The power of Esthet studio’s identity and narrative is to express ourselves through our artistic collaborations.

We seek to operate as a curator that carefully selects exceptional talents that are inspirational, with their style, vision and messages.

We are excited to share the richness of an avant-garde and authentic art scene while co-creating a narrative that gives life to a multidisciplinary collective operating in various disciplines (visual arts, music, dance, photography, writing) all based on a common aesthetic and creative vision.


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