Esthet .
Tiffanie Delune

Inspired by landforms, oceanic maps and sea depths, I wanted to create for Esthet . a motif that feels equally contemporary and essential, in shades of blues and hints of rust, powder pink and burgundies. Organic forms of waters, soils and plants in a timeless silk material create a sensory experience to wear. An invitation to daydream.

Tiffanie Delune

With the natural world as a center of her creativity, Tiffanie Delune gives life to unique characters and dreamscapes in which blooming shapes and rich colours come together, where independence and sexuality dance infinitely between strength and vulnerability, stillness and vitality. Originally focused on childhood experiences and personal traumas, her work is now expending on a wondering wandering, mixing dreamlike apparitions, travel recollections, symbols of her mixed-race family, hints of femininity and flux of spirituality. Navigating between her shadow self and full of light, movements and energy forms, she is interested in the magic of storytelling that engages conversations and evokes emotions.


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