Our story

Esthet Studio was imagined in 2018 to fill a gap. It was an answer to a frustration, a feeling of déjà-vu towards a limited and unrepresentative fashion offer. 

Having always thought of clothing as an art form and a means of expression, I had the desire to bring together in a space my interests that are fashion, music, art and travel and to share my cultural, artistic and stylistic world. 

I met Aïssa in 2019 as part of our MBA in Fashion at the Institut Français de la Mode. This encounter automatically led to a beautiful friendship and the beginning of a promising partnership. We both share the vision of a qualitative, solid and sustainable brand and carry the project, strong of our respective backgrounds and experiences. 

After about ten years as an e-business consultant, I was spinning around in circles and was increasingly seeking a freer, moving lifestyle, more in line with who I am. I also wanted to reconnect with Africa and more specifically with my birth country, to contribute in my own way to reveal their potential. 

My encounter with Aïssa really marked the concretization of the project. Through her job as a general engineer, she brings a more responsible and meaningful vision to the project, all supported by her expertise in sustainable development. 

We complete each other. I am the craziness, she is the reason.

French-Beninese, or rather Beninese-French, I was born and raised in Benin. Aïssa is French-Nigerien and was born in Paris. We are proud of our African heritage and claim entirely this double cultural belonging. With Esthet. we aim to showcase emerging artists and creators and to offer an enlightened, alternative and positive vision of Africa under the prism of art, design and style. 

We also aim to develop a value chain through the promotion of local textile savoir-faire, and also by contributing to innovation and professionalization projects that would allow access to the international market for local textile actors.

Esthet is more than a fashion brand. As a creative studio, but also a space of cultural and artistic expression, a curator and a media brand, Esthet., is a broader concept. Evolving around the values of hedonism, co-creation and exploration, Esthet. is our vision of the world and fashion.

We are committed to work closely with talented artists and creatives who inspire us on a daily basis and whose identities, aesthetics and values resonate with ours.

Together we embarked on a long journey that we hope will be as exciting for our audience as it already is for us. 

– Faou Soulé, co-founder and artistic director.
Faou, Artistic director
Aïssa, Product development

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