Esthet Studio showcases the African alternative and emerging artistic talents via Fashion, contemporary art and electronic music.

Our cultural engagement is to be an ambassador of this artistic culture while highlighting artists who personify our same ethos, values and artistic views.

We are aesthetes and hedonists.

We love art and see it as essential to open our minds and elevate ourselves.

We see it as a journey to discover our humanity and the bonds that make it unique.

Our credo: to remain true to ourselves and enjoy the present moment.

We are cultural creatives; committed, free and trendsetting.

We believe in the slow attitude.

Our singularity is to create a different world with the deep willingness to project ourselves in a greater Tomorrow.

A possible world in which we can be more responsible, more inclusive, more open and more grounded.

We are willing to take concrete actions with shared values and positive synergies; including partnerships that the most ethical and moral products.

We are innovators and catalysts for new energies.

We aim to connect people on a creative and emotional level while living a cultural, fashion, artistic and collaborative experience with them.

Our creativity serves the sharing and the self-affirmation and our hedonism is an act of faith.

We aim to inspire with style and allow everyone to express themselves freely and personally while being part of an active, bold and talented artistic family.


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