Concept & Philosophy

Esthet Studio is a creative fashion brand born from Faou Soulé’s devotion to a unique expressive style and assertive personality.

It is also the story of a beautiful encounter with Aïssa Boukary who brought her conscious and meaningful view of Fashion with an artistic touch.

Together, they are driven by an ideal: to offer an experiential and stylistic journey while promoting the richness of a cultural and creative scene different from the usual image we have about Africa.

We are a family of co-creators

Our creative studio designs an annual collection including an essential wardrobe and exclusive pieces created in collaboration with curated artists from the African alternative urban scene who are invited to associate their creative world with ours.

We are inspired and we inspire

Our stylistic language is inspired by our obsession for details, by the very African culture of custom-made clothing by our local tailor, by our passion for vintage and pieces found on thrift markets, by an irresistible love for workwear and by the association of timeless and maximalist pieces.

A style where an outspoken exuberance softened by a clean aesthetic meets pop and pastel colors, loose and functional silhouettes, graphic and arty prints for a modern, bold and playful wardrobe.

We are committed to a sustainable and reasoned fashion

We take our time to think carefully about how to build a value chain that enables us to offer bold and creative pieces while managing our environmental and social impact with the utmost standard. 

The start of a long adventure.

We first made the choice to use few fabrics, mainly natural and as far as possible certified; cotton and silk are our preferred ones. This is only the first step in our commitment to a ethical production. 

We strives to humbly move forward and are willing to systematically question our actions and to improve ourselves step by step.


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